wordful wednesday:one last look at halloween fun

the process of getting these beauties carved.
the girls decided what they would look like.

the singer, the smiler, the sleeper

daddy making the first cut!
what do you think? do you think they smelled good? come on, girls, it's not like they are rotten!

dig in!
oh, the joys of fall! now with thanksgiving around the corner, it only gets colder--did i say that? i meant better!
join angie at seven clown circus for her picture carnival!


blueviolet said...

Mine would be a sleeper too!

Melissa said...

haha! i love it! i love the pumpkins!

Jenny Aust said...

Seriously...these are GREAT pictures! What wonderful family memories! said...

Those are beautiful. Mine would totally be sleeper as well. Seems I am doing a lot of that these days, and yet it never feels like enough!