wordful wednesday: wordgirl's masterpieces

join angie from seven clown circus for more picture fun!
we've had these magnadoodles since christmas, and the girls would kind of like them and then forget about them.
forget about them for a long time.
especially wordgirl.
princess pea really really liked it, but even SHE would forget about it occassionally.
then, suddenly one day, wordgirl drew this!
"look, mommy! it's a duck!"


then just a month or 2 later, this is what she drew!

can you see it?
she told me what it was and i said, "sure."
then, i put it down and didn't look at it for a while.
then, from across the room, i looked at it again.
and i saw it!
a dragon breathing fire and smoke!
very impressive, huh?


Michelle said...

My girls loved their magnadoodles when they were little. The trick with those was making sure they didn't get stepped on. :)

Happy WW!

blueviolet said...

Someone really does have talent! Very cute! I always liked Magnadoodles too.

Arletta Rue said...

wowowowowowo,,, grandma french is very impressed!!! I love them... and I saw the dragon right away!!!

Annie said...

My girls love their magnadoodles, too. And it's a wonderful entertainment.

Stopping from 7 clows circus.

PS: I have a giveaway on my blog, if like to ckeck it.

Muthering Heights said...

That IS impressive...great dragon!

Brenda said...

Thats a pretty impressive picture on the magnadoodle!

Irritable Mother said...

I can TOTALLY see that fire-breathing dragon! Good for artgirl, I mean, wordgirl. *grin*

Hey, have I told you I'm going to be in Burnsville on March 13 speaking for a Moms' Night Out event? Is that too far from you? If not, I'd love it if you could come.

angie said...

I'm absolutely impressed. I could tell right away what it was.

Sandy said...

A new artist in the family!!!!!