memory for you about me

phew! i made it. my post for today.
i never thought how much pressure deciding to do this would bring to my life.
okay, maybe it's not THAT much.
but i kept thinking all day "i need to post. i need to post. i need to post."

now, what has been on my mind has been....doot do do do!!!!
this weekend.
i get to have the kids all to myself.
chris's grandma isn't doing very well so he is going to visit her this weekend.
i, on the other hand, am taking the kids to a hymn sing at church, a christian ministry fair, and church.
for sure we are going to the hymn sing since i get to sing.
i am kind of excited.
the last time i sang into a microphone for real was in high school for our choir variety show. "here's my hat, horace. i'm stayin' when i'm at, horace. dolly'll never go away again!"

okay, wait. i guess in college, i sang a clue for a medallion hunt when i was the social activities director for nwc. northwestern college (in st. paul, mn) is well known for it's music department.
2 things to know about me to understand what i'm about to tell you.
Number 1. when i went to college, i stopped singing in the choir because i had to work when they rehearsed. i would have LOVED to be in the choir, but it wasn't meant to be.
Number 2. i was in front of chapel a lot since i was part of the student government. i got to do a lot of things up front and i really enjoyed it. for this particular instance, i was giving the clue for the school's medallion hunt.

so when i sang the clue in chapel at college, (the old sunday school song, "oh door and only one and yet the sides are two. inside and outside on which side are you?" then you sing it again and end with "i'm on the inside on which side are you?" clue=the medallion was inside a building. not outside) i started out very confidently. i could sing. i got through the first phrase, no problem
i realized i was SINGING at Northwestern College! i was SINGING in front of the ENTIRE school!!!!!!! by myself! not even any music to accompany me! AAAAHHH!!! Oh, NO! What am I doing?
okay, i gotta get through this. i gotta get through this.
i can do it. i can do it.
voice, don't get shaky. finish. finish. finish.

and i was done.

and then i walked off the stage. shaking.

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Irritable Mother said...

You did it. Good for you! *grin*

The memory was fun to read, but I was more taken by your positive comment at the beginning of the post. "I get to have the kids all to myself."
I tend toward, "Oh, no! I'm going to be all alone with the kids!"
You're a brave, positive woman. No wonder you were able to stand up there and sing all by yourself. *grin*

And, yes, I do believe God calls us darling.