falling asleep

chris and i actually got to watch a movie tonight.
a few glitches:
1. our dvd player is super touchy so we had to try the other one upstairs so we had to stop the movie in the middle to physically move.
2. for the first 20 minutes, dash screamed uncontrollably. so we had to stop it so that i could try to help him.
3. princess pea got up twice from her bed and we had to put HER back to bed.
4. now i'm ready to crash. actually by the end of the movie, i was thinking, "keep my eyes open! keep my eyes open!"
5. now chris is watching the extras and i need to post for nablopomo or whatever its called!
6. i ate too many chocolate snacks.
7. i waited too long and left you with this lame post.
tomorrow should be better.

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Jen said...

I hate that feeling of trying to keep your eyes open when watching a movie! It happens to me ALL the time!

Glad you made it through your movie! Less than a week to go for NaBloPoMo!! We can do it!!!!